Since 2001

Based in Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), SIM Young Entrepreneur Network is a platform where students are able to showcase their entrepreneurial inner selves and network with like-minded peers. Established in 2001, it has been one of the prominent interest clubs in the institution. As the entrepreneurship industry is evolving rapidly, it is vital for aspiring entrepreneurs to acquire certain hard and soft skills to excel in this vying field. That is why SIM YEN’s mission is to nurture students with valuable skillsets and also foster an insightful entrepreneurial culture. 


SIM YEN has conducted countless gripping and profound panel discussions and workshops. From student entrepreneurs panel discussions to business pitching workshop, SIM YEN strive to bring the best to the table for its members and students. A business pitching competition, “Hackathon” is also held annually as the flagship event. An intense yet thrilling competition, student’s entrepreneurship skills are put to the test from validating ideas to pitching them to a group of investors.


Following on, SIM YEN has also been serving as an enormous networking platform for like-minded peers. SIM YEN has established firm and reliable partnerships with several platforms. Hence its members have the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds. Internal partners include SIM IONS, SIMAA, SIM DAC, SIMES, and INC. While the external partners include Shopee, SGAG, Central Perk Café, Love Bonito, An Acai Affair, TRIVE, Protégé Venture, Wild Honey, Redbull, and many more.


As the torches are passed from batch to batch, it is SIM YEN’s duty to be a groundbreaking and dependable platform for hopeful entrepreneurs. We look forward to innovating and expanding the network with you.