Digital Marketing and Data Management Workshop by the President of SCCI

With the advancement in technology taking over the business world right now, digital marketing and database management are crucial in helping entrepreneurs to reach out to and target more specific customers.

Therefore, SIM YEN has collaborated with the Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) to conduct a Digital Marketing and Data Management Workshop on 6th September 2020 through the Zoom platform.

Speaker’s profile: Mr. Zhou Wentong (Chew) Boon Thong specializes in transforming SME to the next level of growth. He has 25 years of experience in Corporate and Business Advisory to SME less than USD 200M market capitalization.

He was personally engaged by more than 100 Companies across Asia-Pacific. Many were groomed for organic growth to achieve private investment funding, eventual IPO funding, trade sales, or share swap with corporate channel allies.

Mr. Zhou Wentong (Chew) Boon Thong obtained a Bachelor of Business Degree sponsored by the Ministry of Defence (Singapore). He is also the Principal of International Business School, the Dean of Jewish Business School, and the Founder of Singapore’s largest business network platform – Singapore Business Network. He is a well sought-after speaker in investment. Also, he has been featured in Taiwan national TV.

During this workshop, Mr. Zhou Wentong (Chew) Boon Thong has covered the following sub-topics:

· Step by step guide on Facebook marketing for beginners.

· 11 marketing campaigns for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

· Walkthrough on creating powerful Facebook advertisements.

· Targeting method for new ads/product.

If you have missed out this workshop on 6th September 2020, do not worry because we have recorded the whole session and uploaded the video onto our Facebook page.

Click here to view the video:

For those who have attended our virtual workshop on 6th September 2020, thank you for your support and we hope you have picked up some new skills from the session!

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