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Discussion Panel 2021

In December 2021, SIMYEN hosted a discussion panel session with different industry experts which was opened up to all students who would like to explore more on different business industries. Panel discussion provides our students an exposure to insights of business operations and a sneak peek on how these industry experts manage their business model and structure and continual business expansion.

For the panel discussion, we invited a total of 4 speakers. These prominent speakers that we invited are technological entrepreneurs and finance entrepreneurs. The speakers shared their experiences during the start of their entrepreneurship journey and how they handle any challenges and continue to stay motivated to achieve their status today. They have also shared how COVID-19 pandemics have disrupted their business function and what strategies they have adopted to sustain their business. The speakers also provided some valuable tips, ideas and advice when starting a business with the participants

With this panel discussion, we hope to prepare our new entrepreneurs from SIM Student Body on what to expect and challenges posed ahead as they embark on their entrepreneurship journey.

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