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Handover Ceremony 2022

On 29th of April, SIMYEN held its last event, the handover ceremony. As Covid-19 restriction eases, SIMYEN was granted the permission to hold a farewell party on-site as we welcome the new batch of Exco team. The Exco and subcommittee members were delighted as everyone were allowed to gather together physically as a club for one last time to conclude the work year. For the first time, sub-committee members from different departments were able to meet each other physically, talk to one another and have fun together. The cross-department interaction hyped up the entire event. More than 30 sub-committees and Excos attended this meaningful event as we introduce the new batch of Exco members for the work year 2022/23, conducted games and activities, photo-taking session and distributed welfare pack to everyone.

The handover ceremony was also inclusive of those overseas subcommittee members as well via the zoom platform. Online participants were allowed to have fun and interact with on-site participants too via the games and activities organized.

We thank everyone for their constant support for the past year. The subcommittee members were very cooperative in making sure events held previously were successful. We look forward to a more exciting work year ahead as more events could be conducted physically in campus.

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