Info-Session (23 July)

Our first event, Info-Session, was held on 23 July, 7 - 10pm at B.5.04 for interested members & potential subcomms to learn more about SIMYEN - and it was a success!

For those who have missed the session, we have attached a link of the slides covered at the end of the article.

Our department heads start off the session by laying down the qualities that they are looking for from their subcomms, as well as what they can expect to learn from their stay with us.

GOOD NEWS: all the department heads stressed that what the subcomms can learn will not be limited to only their department, so there's definitely a room for growth in all areas!

After which, Ben continued to share our timeline for the work year. All these events were carefully planned and led by every department heads, exciting times ahead!

Some questions that were addressed & answered during the session were:

1) What's the difference between members & subcomms?

2) What are the meeting schedule like for subcomms?

3) Benefits of members & subcomms

We have answered all these burning questions on our Instagram (Stories + Highlights), so follow us there for more updates!

All smiles from the refreshments!

A big thank you to those who attended and signed up to become a part of our SIMYEN family! As promised, we strive to be bigger and better this year.

Missed the session? Click here for the introduction slides (with details of the various subcomm roles) + registration link (cut off date is 5 Aug 2359).

For more pictures from the session, head on to our Facebook to find out more.

Looking forward to see everyone's application, good luck!

For those who are interested to join us as a member, do send an email to, indicating your interests with the details below:

1) Name


3) School

4) Degree Programme

5) Expected Graduation Date

6) Phone number

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