[Companies' Profile] Life Of A Student Entrepreneur

Life of a student entrepreneur - our upcoming event to get to know how the student entrepreneurs juggle between school and their business!

This session will be exceptionally useful for aspiring entrepreneurs to understand what is like to handle various commitments and the challenges that comes with it.

Here's sharing more details of the company's profile to get to know them better:

Urban Tavern

Urban Tavern started off as a solution to our own problems. We were unable to find a suitable venue for our very own birthday celebrations. Most event venues do not provide much entertainment facilities, are not able to accommodate huge groups, lack privacy, or they cost a bomb. As such, we realized that this needed to change and therefore, we created Urban Tavern. A huge event space, with full privacy at a reasonable rate. 

Specter One

Specter One provides members the opportunity to experience an entire collection of coveted timepieces allowing members to own a luxury watch at only a fraction of the price. Though the concept of the sharing economy is increasingly common, Specter One joins a new wave of startups that applies such a paradigm to luxury products.

With consumers increasingly prioritising access and experiences over ownership, Specter One changes the way luxury is consumed and provides a different luxury experience on any occasion and on ever-rotating basis.

An Açai Affair

Born out of love and passion for wholesome living, An Acai Affair was founded by two young founders in 2016. Fresh from the tropical plains of Brazil, our açai encapsulates freshness with every bite. Get a taste of paradise with our variety of the freshest ingredients—ranging from 100% natural granola, housemade almond butter, organic chia seeds and many more! Who says healthy food is boring?


It all started back in Polytechnic where the two best friends had the idea of starting a business together. Ideas were thrown here and there and eventually Nineteen95 was born.

The ultimate goal of the business was to expose Specialty Coffee to the local market and educate people what Specialty Coffee is all about. It is more than just the caffeine kick or the bitterness that comes along. It is understanding that within the cup, lies the hard work and passion from a chain of people that brought you the final product in the cup. The natural sweetness, coupled with the fruity, chocolatey notes from an Ethiopian Guji is oh so to die for.

Very often, we get asked: "Why Nineteen95?" Other than it being the birth year of our Founders, it is a representation of Youth and clearly exemplifies what young people are capable of; an expression of energy, determination, passion, and so much more.

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