Our First Mass Meeting!

DON'T FORGET! Student Entrepreneur Network is just around the corner.

It will be held on Monday, August 19 starting at 6.30pm (dinner will be provided). The venue is BLK B 5.07. We hope to see you there!!

After a rigorous recruitment process, it was time for our first mass meeting. On August 13, the Executive Committees (EXCO) and Subcommittees (Subcomms), new or existing, got to know each other. In total, we have 8 EXCOs and 38 Subcomms working together. We truly hope it's the beginning of something great!

We began the meeting with an ice breaking session for each department where we introduced ourselves and played some fun games.

HR and Ops team

Marketing and Ambassadors team

Then, it's time for our EXCOs to present their plan for the work year ahead. Our department heads shared their vision, ideas, expectations and SOPs for their respective departments.

Our newly appointed Ambassadors director, Wu Tian, kicked off the presentation

Serious mode = ON!

To conclude the presentation, our club president shared several important points to take note of. He highlights the importance of teamwork and unity in SIM YEN as it is going to be an eventful year ahead. As of now, we are planning to host more than 5 events!

Thank you for everyone who came down to the mass meeting! We hope that your SIM YEN journey as Subcomms and EXCOs will be something you cherish in the future. We can't wait to get started!

Our EXCO team :D


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