SIMYEN - Emergence in Female Entrepreneurship

Strength, charm, intelligence, compassion, integrity, patience... the qualities of the modern woman are limitless.

But one that stands out and is prevalent in today’s world is leadership.

The Young Entrepreneur’s Society at SIM hosted one of it’s flagship event on the 24th September - Emergence in Female Entrepreneurship.

Smile for the camera 😊

On our paramount event, we were joined by women of utmost influence and leadership - Anisa Johnny (Boheme Style Nomads, co-founder and volunteer-in-chief), Christina Teo (she1K, chief builder), Nejla Matam-Finn (The Fifth Collection, founder and CEO) and Natrada Limsupavanich (Shopee, assistant manager of regional operations).

These women are example setters for many people, be it students interested in entrepreneurship or young girls keen on starting their own business.

We had an insightful conversation with four of the leading women in their respective industries as they shared their entrepreneurial experiences and provided our students with some invaluable information and tips to be better prepared for the corporate world.

The panel discussion consisted of general questions and some specific questions for each speaker. The students were also given a chance to ask questions to our panellists.

The general questions highlighted the importance of gender diversity and the issues that arise due to the negligence of equality. Our speakers went on to highlight the growing importance of networking and having symbiotic relationships with seniors at work as well as with peers. To round up the general question round, the speakers put heavy emphasis on the importance of teamwork, self motivation, authority, positive attitude, problem solving skills and networking when asked about female entrepreneurship and leadership.

The specific question round put more emphasis on networking and creating strong relationships. Our speakers talked intensively about having a wide circle of acquaintances to have direct or indirect advantage at the workplace. There was an insightful conversation highlighting the importance of branding for businesses, especially start-ups and SMEs. The conversation spoke about the significance of packaging and the use of societal led marketing. There was heavy emphasis on the elimination of all sorts of discrimination at all levels to ensure good work ethic and productivity - inclusivity and gender diversity is the way forward.

The students were also given a chance to raise their questions. Some important topics like work life balance, overcoming obstacles of entrepreneurship and growth in women empowerment were discussed.

The panel discussion was followed by an insightful networking session where the students from SIM were given a chance to talk to our panellists and share their opinions and concerns. This was a good chance for the students to bond with our speakers and gain more information about the business world.

The panel discussion shone a light in the area of entrepreneurship, women empowerment and gender diversity. It helped the students at SIM to have a deeper understanding of the corporate culture and the business world and the underlying issues that must be addressed. It also equipped young students with invaluable tips and knowledge that they can use to be successful individuals as they step into the real world.

The event was a huge success and the YEN team would like to thank the audience for their support.

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