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SIMYEN Hackathon 2022

SIMYEN Hackathon is a workshop + hands-on experience for our young aspiring entrepreneurs to try identifying and solving real world problems relating to environmental, e-commerce, and mental health problem. This year, the event was held for a total 3 days with 2 days of ideation and mentoring process and the final day of pitching and presentation. The objective of the event is to allow participants to experience the process of identifying problems, brainstorming and collaborating ideas to tackle problems highlighted in their presentation. This process will allow them to build on business concepts and minimum viable products to address a specific pre-identified social problem. Such simulation of business pitching provide our participants an authentic experience in the real business world where pitching is a crucial part of business deal.

Overall, the event was a successful one as we received an overwhelming applicants signing up and different creative ideas were presented. Judges were impressed by the unique ideas presented to them and after much discussion and consideration, they managed to finalize the top 3 winner for this year Hackathon pitching competition.

We would like to thank all judges for taking out their time out of their busy schedule as well as the participants for showing interest in Hackathon for making this event a successful one

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