SIMYEN Market Fest 2019

After the dust settles and sun sets, we look back at an incredible two days that caught the eye of fun loving enthusiasts at SIM... On the 29th and 30th October, SIMYEN hosted the much anticipated convivial event - the SIMYEN Market Fest 2019

More than 10 vendors offered the best promotional deals ranging from foods, treats, beauty products, lucky draws, claw machines and many more!

The two day event was held at the courtyard from 10am to 6pm

This landmark event brought together many students from SIM from diverse backgrounds to indulge in this amusing and congenial event

The students took a break from content heavy lectures to resort to some fun loving and memorable moments with their friends at the market fest

Whether the students were buying phone cases, purchasing handbags, trying to win exciting toys from the claw machine or getting their hands on retro looking photos from polaroids, it can be assumed that the students had a fun time

The list above by no means is exhaustive, there were many other things at the market fest that caught the eye of our fun loving students

The SIM Guitar Club was also there to showcase their opportunities and promote their events

Additionally, for every $10 spent, students could stand a chance to win various prizes like snacks, shirts and notepads

Starbucks gift card and JBL flip 4 (total worth of 200++) were the grand prizes to be won at the Market Fest

The SIMYEN team would like to thank the vendors and students at the event for making this event a memorable one 😊

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