On the 21st of November, SIMYEN launched its first ever flagship event, the Slay-It Hackathon. The Hackathon is a 4-day competition where aspiring student entrepreneurs can look forward to generating business ideas and pitching their ideas to judges. Participants form teams to come up with a business idea relevant to any industry within those 4 days.

On the last day there would be a pitching session where judges would evaluate teams based on a judging rubric. This event encourages students to step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills to solve real-world problems. Moreover, this is a great networking opportunity for like-minded peers and with invited mentors/judges. The judges were a mix of venture capitalist and local business owners who are able to provide invaluable feedback to the participants for learning.

Day 0 - 21st Nov

Day 0 was our kick off to the Slay-It Hackathon. We invited Steven Ong from ForwardLeap Training Lab. He conducted a fruitful business canvas workshop, which participants can learn to develop their business ideas and have a better understanding of business operations and systems.

Steven Ong kicking off the event with a business model design workshop.

Engaging the participants during group discussions.

Laughter definitely eases the stress isn’t it?

Brainstorming Session.

Ou SIMYEN President giving the token of appreciation.

Day 0 ended with smiles as this was the beginning. Steven Ong’s business workshop gave the participants great insights and information for their next step to this Hackathon!

A memorable comment made by Steven was that,

“Life isn’t all about education or work, so take time off and go see the world! There’s more to life than just books and papers!”

How true is that isn’t it, we lost ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too.

A big thank you to Steven Ong for taking time off to conduct an enriching business workshop for us!

Day 1 - 22nd Nov

Day 1 was pretty intensive as teams come together to explore and brainstorm their ideas.

A lot of thought process was involved, including the previous business canvas model that was mentored by Steven Ong during Day 0!

It was heartening as teams were energetic despite a pretty tiring evening after post-classes/commitments, which they came together to piece up their information, researching more on the areas they would like to explore, derived drawings on pieces of mahjong paper/whiteboard, preparing for consultations with our Day 2 mentors!

Smiles among the brainstorming before the storm.

Day 2 - 23rd Nov

Day 2 was an exclusive mentorship session from our esteemed mentors, which we invited Jia Jun from GetDreams and Alvin Ea from Haulio. It was an inspiring and fruitful session concluded as participants from each team were able to receive feedback directly on their business ideas, such as the feasibility, the costing, the projected revenue, and these factors summed up invaluable for the teams to gain insights from the actual business world.

Teams engaging with mentors.

Consultation with mentors.

Ongoing discussions.

Our Emcee giving the token of appreciation to both Alvin & Jia Jun.

A group photo with our Hackathon participants and the Mentors!

Valuable lessons and tips to improve their business ideas were the greatest takeaway from this mentorship session!

Now teams know what to improve on their existing ideas, it’s time to face off the final day of the Hackathon!

Once again, a big thank you to both mentors for coming down and your guidance!

Day 3 - 24th Nov

Day 3 was the finale of the Hackathon. It was an entire day including the morning and afternoon segments.For the morning segment, participants had a pitching workshop taught by Jose He, our invited pitching trainer. He gave the teams great tips in improving their speech presentation, the Dos & Don’ts when presenting. They benefited greatly from these lessons as they wrapped up for their final stage!

Teams gathered in a circle for Jose’s pitching training.

A great tip from Jose was that, don't ever put both hands into your pocket when pitching, it indicates a lack of professionalism!

A big thank you to Jose for his professional pitching lesson!

After the teams finished lunch, they had until 3pm to prepare their presentation and submit their finalised slides.

Time to get to work against the race of time!

Beautiful smiles from beautiful people.

The final segment aka, presentation session, where teams have been preparing for has finally arrived!

The 3 judges we had invited for the assessment segment are Jit Min from Central Perk Cafe, Evan from TRIVE and Benjamin, our president of SIMYEN!

Beautiful smiles while waiting for their presentation.

Our Emcee briefing the teams on rules and the event flow.

Presentation time!

Judges in session.

After all teams have presented their ideas, it is time for the judges to make their final decisions on the placings.

Criterias assessed on are Presentation skills, Creativity, Concept Feasibility and Completion.

While the judge’s assessment are in progress, it was dinner time for the teams as they replenish their fuel of food!

After dinner, participants are seated back down for the final moment, the award presentation!

Judges sharing their experience with participants on this journey of entrepreneurship.

Our 3rd place winner!

Our 2nd place winner!

Our 1st place winner!!

Well done to all teams for their participation and effort throughout this process!

Our President presenting the token of appreciation to both judges, Jit Min & Evan.

Finally, our flagship event Slay-It Hackathon has come to an end.

All teams indeed has slayed it for the past 4 days. All of them demonstrated great teamwork through this process. No matter what placings they got, the most valuable takeaway isn’t about the monetary incentives, but are the lessons learned and insights gained throughout this process.

Participants learned more about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, be it in presentation pitching or designing business models, everyone has something valuable to take away from this Hackathon.

Lastly, allow me to share with you all on this quote by Winston Churchill.

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Once again, thank you to all judges, trainers, participants and sponsors for making this happen. We greatly appreciate your time and effort spent with us. We will see you again soon!

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