SIMYEN - Welcome Orientation Day 19/20

SAVE the date!!

Don't forget to come down for our big event - Emergence in Female Entrepreneurship

To be held on 24th September at A.4.01A/B (7pm-9:30pm)

On 14th September, SIMYEN held a fun filled and energetic welcome orientation for its subcommittee members

It was a day full of laughs, team bonding, interesting games and vibrant energy

Our Young Entrepreneurs Network team here at SIM -->

Few fun ice breaker games and initial talk from the EXCOs to introduce themselves to the SubComms and an opportunity for SubComms to interact and network with like minded individuals from other departments.

Leg stacking game to push innovative minds and to bring out the team bonding attitude in all of us.

We played a game that involved transporting a ping pong ball from one end of the room to the other under time constraints and with using limited resources.

There was also another game where teams moved as a group against each other. The team had to race to the finish line and was only allowed to transport as long as they were on the mini carpet.

We also played an entertaining and challenging version of Dumb Charades.

One of the most memorable games was the blind folded obstacle course where one member from each team had to overcome a fun yet challenging obstacle course.

Blind folded food bingo happening up there as well *yum*

This memorable event was made possible due to our hardworking EXCOs that put all of their effort and dedication into making this day one to remember :-)

kudos team.

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