[Speaker's Profile] Fireside Chat 2

Putting your ideas into action.

Now you have learnt idea generations and validations, it’s time to put those awesome ideas of yours into the action!

Our upcoming Fireside Chat 2 allows you to hear it from personally from our invited guests.

Here’s some details from their individual profiles!

Started in 2012, SGAG is a media platform that reaches over 2 million Singaporeans through its 7 distribution channels. They connect to the audience on a daily basis through videos and memes - with a focus on localised humour. By creating content that engages and entertains, they aim to make every Singaporean's day a better one.

Yuxuan, heading the creative team in Singapore, was one of the earliest employees and plays a pivotal part in the journey as they scaled the business in the past 3 years.

Here is are some of their local memes!

It sure helps having a good laugh after a long day at work/school isn’t it?

Founded in 2009, Wild Honey Pte Ltd is an independently owned and operated lifestyle based company specialising in unique food and beverage concepts.

With the highly acclaimed and successful Wild Honey restaurants operating in Singapore since 2009, the group has recently launched Singapore's only authentic New York style delicatessen Sacha & Sons.

Guy Wachs, Director of Wild Honey Pte Ltd, has been classically trained at the world renown Brenners Park Hotel in Germany, with over more than 20 years of experience in hotels & restaurants spanning countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Tel Aviv and now Singapore!

He is passionate about breakfasts & focuses his efforts on restaurant operations & guest services.

F&B definitely runs in his blood!

Bountie Technologies is a gaming technology company based in Singapore, empowering gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favourite games through the platform, Bountie.

It’s decentralized platform that aims to reward all participants in the gaming ecosystem in a fair and equitable manner for their gaming efforts and skills.

Jose He, CPO & co-founder of Bountie Technologies.

With more than ten years of experience under his belt as a Senior Business Development Strategist & former executive chairman of Speaker & Trainer Association, José is a versatile leader who best excels in local startups bearing the entrepreneurial mindset.

José’s vision involves moving into a position that allows him to maximise his well-honed skills as a speaker, leader, organiser and entrepreneur, challenging himself to pilot Bountie to become the number one household name among everyday gamers in Asia.

Maverique is a bespoke events management company, specializing in high-impact stage productions, creative thematic concepts and ambience settings. Founded in mid 2000s, the company has steadily garnered an impeccable track record of successful events and established a strong clientele in both private and public sectors.

Aden Liu is the creative director of Maverique Media Pte Ltd and a media entrepreneur with more than a decade in the industry. Under his leadership, Maverique Events has celebrated its ten year anniversary in business in 2017, growing from its humble beginnings to a full-fledge creative agency servicing A-list corporations and large international firms.

Aden is also a professional trainer, specializing in coaching budding entrepreneurs on the concepts and dynamics of real-life business as well as an image and etiquette coach for professionals and top executives.

The first-hand experience in both service and consumer businesses has given Aden an even deeper understanding of business in general as well as invaluable insights into consumer behaviour.

Now you have gained some information on our speakers! Hear it more from them personally in our upcoming Fireside Chat 2 happening on 29 October!

“Don’t say Bo jio!!”, sign up link is below! See you there!!

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