Up next - SIMYEN Innovators Week 2020

Are you a young student interested in entrepreneurship? Do you have a business idea waiting to be validated?

Or are you a passionate and dedicated individual looking forward to expanding your horizons and learning something new?

Wait no longer and sign up for our flagship pitching competition!

This is your chance to showcase your talent and entrepreneurial ideas to a panel of judges and compete with like-minded individuals to win exciting cash prizes, a certificate of participation and a learning experience like no other.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Henry Ford, Oprah Gail Winfrey...

These mastermind entrepreneurs have many success stories

These entrepreneurs started their journey early to allow their business ideas to mature and grow so their ideas can turn into stories that the world looks up to in awe

This is your chance to validate and mature YOUR ideas and turn dreams into possibilities and ideas into success stories

Even the smallest of sparks can emulate a firework

So don’t wait longer and sign up for our Innovators Challenge 2020 Feel unprepared or unconfident? Or are you interested in entrepreneurship but do not have a concrete business idea?

Fret not! The SIMYEN innovators challenge is an insightful event with various activities to prepare you for your startup pitch to our judges during our workshop on 3rd February 2020

You will also receive 1-1 mentorship opportunities to learn more and build on your business idea

You could also sign up as audience if you want to expand your learning horizons without taking part in the competition

You will not only get a chance to validate your business idea and learn something new but also stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes, a certificate of participation and potential funding and incubation opportunities by investors

Click on the following links to sign up for innovators week!

Entrepreneurial Architecture Session - http://bit.ly/preICworkshop

As a participant for Innovators Challenge - http://bit.ly/SIMYENIC

As an audience for Innovators Challenge - http://bit.do/ICAudience

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