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Student Testimonials



Company Name: Project Career

Designation: Founder

Being part of SIMYEN for the past two years had been no doubt a fun and fulfilling experience. With a small and humble startup at hand, I had the privilege and opportunity to connect, engage and work with people from SIMYEN and also the speakers, entrepreneurs that were present to support us at our events. It was an interesting learning experience for me and I know that many whom have the passion and aspiration to venture into the entrepreneurial space will benefit and grow the same way as I did!


Zi Wei

Company: Onlynomsome

Designation: Founder 

The most valuable item I took away in my time helming SIMYEN together with my peers are stories. Because storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into this world, it creates a community and enable us to see through the eyes of other pole and open us to the claims of others. 

For those of you looking at this right now, ask yourself, what story do you want to tell when you look back at your SIM journey 5 years from now? 

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